Your Bug Out Bag - Ways To Improve It

When it comes to building a bug out bag the harsh reality is that you’re never really done. No matter how good you believe your bag configuration is, eventually you’ll find a way to improve it.

For instance, you might find a better piece of gear, or a lightweight alternative to something heavy in your bag, or you might come across an item you hadn’t considered before. Whatever the case is, you should always think about ways to improve your bug out bag.

Below are ten basic and easy ways to upgrade your bug out bag. Here is his list:

  1. Rain Cover– If it rains, would your bug out bag and gear get soaked? If so, think about getting a rain cover, ideally one that will blend in with your environment.
  2. Portable USB Power Bank– Consider looking for one that is preferably waterproof and has a solar panel.
  3. Paracord Spool– This keeps your paracord organized so it doesn’t become a tangled up mess.
  4. Socks and Underwear– You should have more changes of these than your other clothes, especially if it’s raining.
  5. Medical Handbook– Even if you’ve had training in first aid, there are still lots of important things you don’t know.
  6. Face Mask– These have many uses, they can help you blend in with your environment, cover your head, or filter water, and more.
  7. Pocket Chainsaw– Pocket Chainsaws are very useful tools that can save you a lot of time and are great for building a shelter or cutting firewood.
  8. External Hard Drive– A great way to back up all your important documents and photos so that when you reach your bug out location, their available.
  9. Sanitation Kit– It’s going to be hard to stay clean while bugging out but a quality sanitation kit will make that easier.
  10. Collapsible Water Container– These take up minimal space and can still hold a lot of water.

Remember, this is just a brief summary of possible upgrades, so make sure that you continue to think about ways to improve your bug out bag.

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