The Importance of Regular Disaster Drills

The Importance of Regular Disaster Drills


Creating a family disaster plan is an essential step in ensuring your family's safety during an emergency. However, having a plan is not enough. Regular practice through disaster drills is crucial to make sure everyone knows what to do when disaster strikes. Here's why regular disaster drills are important and how you can conduct them effectively.

Why Regular Disaster Drills are Crucial

  1. Ensures Familiarity:

    • Regular drills help ensure that every family member is familiar with the plan and knows their role.
    • This familiarity can reduce panic and increase the efficiency of your response during an actual emergency.
  2. Identifies Gaps in the Plan:

    • Practicing your plan can help identify any weaknesses or gaps that need to be addressed.
    • It allows you to make necessary adjustments and improvements to your plan.
  3. Builds Confidence:

    • Conducting drills can build confidence and reduce fear, especially for younger family members.
    • Knowing what to do and where to go can help everyone feel more prepared and less anxious.

How to Conduct Effective Disaster Drills

  1. Schedule Regular Drills:

    • Plan to conduct drills at least twice a year.
    • Schedule drills for different types of disasters, such as fires, earthquakes, or evacuations.
  2. Involve All Family Members:

    • Ensure that everyone, including children, knows their role.
    • Practice meeting at your designated safe spots and using evacuation routes.
  3. Test Your Communication Plan:

    • Have each family member practice contacting your out-of-state emergency contact.
    • Test alternative communication methods, such as text messaging or social media.
  4. Review and Update Your Plan:

    • After each drill, discuss what worked well and what needs improvement.
    • Update your plan based on the feedback and any changes in your family’s needs.


Regular disaster drills are an essential part of a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan. By practicing your plan, you can ensure that your family is ready to act quickly and efficiently during an emergency. Take the time to schedule your first drill today and start building a safer, more prepared household.

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