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Sabre Door Stop Alarm

Sabre Door Stop Alarm

This Sabre Door Stop Alarm is a great safety option due to the fact that it's:
  • ATTENTION-GRABBING: When door pressure is applied, the extremely loud 120 dB alarm helps wake/alert homeowner or renter, helps deter intruder, and possibly notifies neighbors (audible up to 1,000 feet/300 m away)
  • VERSATILE WITH MAXIMUM SECURITY: Features a non-skid pad to prevent door from opening while alarm sounds; ideal for bedrooms, hotels, apartments, dorm rooms, front doors, etc.; great travel alarm
  • ATTRACTIVE & CONSUMER-PREFERRED: Superior to other home security products, this premium white alarm looks great inside your home

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Pair of Heavy Brass Paperweights

These popular Heavy Brass Paperweights will make sure that mound of paperwork on your desk doesn't get out of control! They are constructed of a 1/2 lb of solid brass and are compact size for ease of carry. These Brass Paperweights are heavy enough to tackle the most stubborn paper. Note: Most states prohibit except for law enforcement and active duty.


  • Keep that annoying paperwork together
  • Constructed of 1/2 lb of solid brass
  • Heavy enough to tackle the most stubborn paper
  • Compact size for ease of carry
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  • Designed specifically for law enforcement agencies, a deterrent you can count on when you’re facing the toughest situations
  • The tactical mace has a solid, one-piece injection-molded polypropylene construction and features deterrent spikes
  • The ridged handle gives you a no-slip grip and the paracord lanyard assures that you keep control of it when using
  • The 20” overall law enforcement mace also features a glass-breaker on the pommel and a weighty heft to it to break the glass


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  • High quality solid taper lock steel baton
  • Textured steel handle
  • Weight-forward design for maximum kinetic energy transfer
  • Includes a heavy duty nylon sheath
  • 26" overall when fully extended


This Item Cannot Ship to the Following States: NY, MA, CA, PA, NJ

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