A 72 Hour Kit: Why You Need One

A 72 Hour Kit: Why You Need One


How would you feel if an unfortunate accident occurred that required you to survive on your own for a period of seventy-two hours? ‘Dreadful’ is probably the word you are looking for. If you wish to evade the discomfort of not having any essentials while experiencing such a predicament, you should start working on your ‘bug-out bag’ right away!

A bug-out bag refers to a kit that contains the essentials that you would most likely require in order to survive extended periods of time. Its primary function is to help you evacuate a place instantly if a disaster strikes, giving you enough time to get to a safe place.

The Importance of a 72-Hour Kit

It has been recommended by experts belonging to disaster management and relief committees that your bug-out bag must contain enough supplies to last for at least seventy-hours. What your bug-out bag must contain depends mostly on the geographical region you belong to, because regions prone to hurricanes will have different survival requirements as opposed to, let’s say, an area where frequent blizzards occur.

Types of Disasters and the Need for a Bug-Out Bag

Natural Disasters 

Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, are quite unpredictable. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for such disasters to be able to evacuate the disaster-stricken area as quickly as possible. Only if you have the necessary supplies will you be able to survive the intensity of a natural disaster. It is important to attend to your needs before you decide to aid others. Hence, the importance of a bug-out bag cannot be stressed enough for surviving natural disasters.

Technological Disasters 

Technological disasters, such as the failure of a dam, a nuclear meltdown, power grid problems, or utility failure, could all result in blackouts. In the absence of electricity, you could face a number of different problems. Being stuck in the dark for an indefinite period can be quite a challenge, especially if the electrical appliances that make your life easier are no longer working. Therefore, it is important to have sufficient supplies to survive for at least seventy-two hours when such disasters strike.

Medical Pandemics 

Bug-out bags may also be required in the unfortunate event of a pandemic. In case of disease outbreaks, such as the spread of the influenza virus, it is important to possess safety supplies that help you maintain good health. With the fast proliferation of disease, there’s no way of knowing who will be affected if such a virus should break out.

Terrorist Attacks 

Similarly, incidents of terrorism or invasion also magnify the need for a bug-out bag to a greater extent. Biological threats, nuclear wars, terrorist attacks, bombs, and dirty nukes could all restrict you from moving about freely in the neighborhood. You may be confined to your place for an undecided period of time. Therefore, it is important to have a bug-out bag with important essentials to help you get through the self-imposed ‘incarceration’.


In a nutshell, a bug-out bag not only allows you to evacuate a disaster-ridden place instantly, but also ensures that you survive for as long as seventy-two hours without having to experience major discomfort.

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