5 Reasons to Prepare Even If The Worst Doesn't Happen

5 Reasons to Prepare Even If The Worst Doesn't Happen

Over the last few years, many preppers warned that doomsday was imminent and that people should prepare while they still had the chance. But as we saw doomsday never arrived. Because of this, some people believe that there is no reason to prepare themselves.

So are they right? Are those who prepare a bunch of paranoid crazies

No, that's not the case. Just because doomsday hasn't come, doesn’t mean it will never happen. The U.S. economy is still extremely fragile, nuclear proliferation is still a big issue, and we are currently in the midst of a pandemic.

But let’s say we never see doomsday arrive, and no widespread disasters ever happen again. Would that mean all our preparing was a waste of time? No, it doesn't! There are many reasons why preparing is well worth the effort even if doomsday never happens.

If the only reason you got into preparing was to prepare for doomsday, you’re completely overlooking the many other valid reasons to prepare.

1. Unemployment

How well would you be if you lost your job? In the United States, unemployment benefits only pay about half of what you were earning with a maximum of $300 to $600 a week, depending on which state you live in. And in this economy, it may take a while to find another job. But if you’re prepared, you'll already have food, cash, and supplies on hand to help keep you afloat until you find another job.

2. Financial Emergencies

Losing your job isn’t the only situation where preparing could come in handy. Life is full of surprises and unexpected expenses: car repairs, medical bills, death in the family, who knows? Preparing yourself is like buying insurance against all kinds of unexpected problems. However unlike insurance, the money you spend on preparing doesn’t go to waste even if nothing happens because most preparedness itema are things you will eat or use anyway. So with that fact, preparing is better than insurance.

3. Save Money

There are many ways being prepared can help you save money. For example, when you go shopping you can focus on items that are on sale. If something you normally buy isn’t on sale, then you can wait and buy more next time it’s on sale because you already have extras of it at home. Preparing can also serve as a hedge against inflation.

4. Medical Emergencies

Most likely there are several hospitals in your town, so you might not think that preparing with medical supplies is very important. However, if you have a good first aid kit and know how to use it, you can dramatically improve an injured person’s chance of survival while you wait for medical professionals to arrive.

5. Peace of Mind

This is one of the most important benefits of being prepared. No matter if doomsday arrives or not, at least you won’t have to worry about it as much. Unfortunately there's a stereotype that makes those who prepare look paranoid or crazy. But actually, being prepared makes you calmer since you know you can handle almost anything life may throw at you, and you’ll be much less stressed than the average unprepared person.

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