5 Items That Will Disappear Fast In a Crisis

5 Items That Will Disappear Fast In a Crisis


No matter if it’s a natural disaster like a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, or wildfires, or a man-made one such as an act of war, most essential items will disappear quickly from store shelves. In some situations, stores, banks, and other services may be closed and unable to serve the public. As you prepare for disasters and emergencies, here are five items to stock up on now. You may also consider bartering some of the supplies on this list as an option.

1. Bleach

Pick up and store the plain, non-scented kind with 4 to 6 percent hypochlorite. This will come in handy for disinfecting items after a crisis. Bleach is a versatile item that can be used to purify water, clean surfaces, and disinfect various objects, making it a critical component of any emergency preparedness plan.

2. Cash

If the power grid is down, your debit cards and credit cards will be useless, and the banks may be closed. Prepare for this by having some money stashed at home to use in emergency situations. Cash is king in a crisis, allowing you to buy necessary supplies and services when electronic payment methods fail.

3. Non-Perishable Food

Your emergency food pantry should be well-stocked and include rice, soup, beans, nuts, oats, flour, dried meat and fruit, and other long-lasting foods. Additionally, you may want to include honey, sugar, cooking oil, and condiments like salt and pepper. Having a variety of non-perishable foods ensures you and your family have enough nutrition to sustain yourselves during prolonged emergencies.

4. Weapons and Ammunition

You will want to be well-stocked with supplies for both self-defense as well as for hunting for food. Pepper spray can also be used as a less-than-lethal form of self-defense and protection. In a crisis, security can become a major concern, and having the means to protect yourself and your loved ones is crucial.

5. Fuel

Fuel is essential if you are going to use a generator, vehicles, tools, or a cookstove for emergency survival. Lighter fluid, fire starters, and charcoal also can prove to be useful. Ensuring you have an adequate fuel supply can keep your essential devices running and provide a means to cook food and stay warm.


By stocking up on these items now, you can avoid being one of those people wasting time and precious resources trying to find survival items at the last minute. Preparing ahead ensures you have the essentials needed to navigate through any crisis effectively.

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