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120 Serving Wise Vegetable Buckets

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Wise Company assorted freeze dried vegetables are second to none. Each individual packet of vegetables has been designed to mix and match (as desired) with long-term gourmet butter, cream, cheese, and mushroom sauces. Our unique approach increases the overall taste, calorie, and nutritional content. With up to a 25 year shelf life, this package is a Wise recipe for any type of emergency, not to mention great for everyday use.120 Serving Freeze Dried Vegetable and Gourmet Flavored Sauces(24) Corn(16) Peas(24) Broccoli(24) Green Beans(8) Mushroom Sauce(8) Cheese Sauce(8) Cream Sauce(8) Butter SauceShipping included in price
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Our 120 Serving Freeze Dried Vegetable Bucket is a perfect addition to any food supply. Whether you're affected by a snow storm, hurricane or other weather emergency, it's wise to be prepared. These great-tasting freeze-dried and dehydrated foods are ready in minutes when you just add water. They also come in stackable buckets with an easy Grab-N-Go handle, so they're easy to store and transport.

What's included in each bucket?

  • 4 pouches of Corn (8 servings ea.)
  • 3 pouches of Peas (8 servings ea.)
  • 4 pouches of Broccoli (8 servings ea.)
  • 4 pouches of Green Beans (8 servings ea.)


Additional Product Details:

  • Food is safely sealed in Mylar pouches
  • To avoid waste, each pouch conveniently contains 8 servings
  • Grab-and-go handles for easy transport in an emergency
  • 25 year shelf life

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